Graphic Design 

Invitation Design

Different types of invitations can be used for all sorts of events. When designing an invitation, we consider the nature of the event, thereafter base the design and concept surrounding the event. Below are some examples of invitation designs  


Logo Design

Logo: BabyDaddy


The first word “Baby” incorporates a pacifier instead of the letter “a”, which symbolizes a baby. The word “Daddy” incorporates a man face, using a hat, glasses and having a mustache. The “a” in the word “Daddy” is replaced with a feature of a man face. The man face symbolizes a father. The soft colour blue chosen represents the soft touch of a baby..

Logo: Skyway


I chose the name “skyway” because it is significant and ironic. I came up with the name “skyway” by combining the word sky which is significant for all round news, as the sky is throughout the world and seen everywhere, ironically so should the news, it should be all around the world which should be seen by everybody. The word “way” represents the “way” you want the news to be broadcasted to you, it’s your way.


The design represents 2 people in the form of a bridge. The 2 people joining hands shows how everybody is connected through the news and specifically through “skyway”. The bridge that has been formed represents the shape of a bridge, from one end of the ocean to the next, similar just how news has been transmitted from one end to the other and also for the use of communication. The colour blue was chosen as a representation of the sky.


Logo: Gift


GIFT is an initiative to be driven by a community of volunteers who want to make a difference. GIFT will promote a challenge-based culture that inspires people to share ideas and resources. The hand below the name “Gift “represents you the “giver “gifting or helping someone, also representing you giving your hand out to help others.

The word “Gift “is place on the hand which does represent an actual gift. The light blue colour represents a sense of calm and peacefulness. 

logos combined