Rocket Rooster

Real Name:    


Arch Enemy: 

Batter for deep frying


To create a cartoon character for “POPS” 


Graphic Design 

Bio: Henry was an ordinary chook; pecking and clucking away at a farm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands.  Then one day, he was taken to the lab for cosmetic testing.  These tests reacted with his DNA and gave him unearthly powers! 

Ability: Rocket Rooster knows why the chicken crossed the road and with his super speed he can travel back from the other side in the blink of an eye.  He can easily evade any colonels and clowns after his giblets.

Concept: Rocket Rooster has unearthly powers. Making him a superhero. Therefore Rocket Rooster structure is lean and strong. He has to be strong to fight off colonels and clowns. The cape adds on to the image of a superhero.

I chose the colour blue for the cape, so the cape will stand out and also look fierce and approachable. 

Rocket Rooster is known for his speed, therefore he is kept lean and strong. His superhero costume is also his pants, which is red and yellow, red is used to blend in and yellow is used to make the name Rocket Rooster (RR) stand out. Our main target audience will be kids, as kids are lost likely to eat pops. Kids will be attracted to the bright warm colours, and the friendliness of the rooster

Rocket Rooster